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Diocese of Palghat

Bishop Jacob Manathodath

Image of Bishop Jacob Manathodath
  • Date of Birth : 1947-02-22
  • Mob : (+91)491 2515277/ (+91)9447821194
  • Email :
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Short History of Palghat Diocese

Group: : Syro-Malabar
Phone : +91491 2515277, 2526583
Address : Bishop's House,
P.B.No. 4,
Noorani P.O.,
Kerala, India 678 004
Website :

The diocese of Palghat was established in 1974, bifurcating the then diocese of Trichur. The diocese encompasses the Palakkad district of Kerala, and Coimbatore, Karur, and Erode districts of Tamil Nadu. In 1974, Mar Joseph Irimpen was appointed as the first bishop of the diocese of Palghat. Mar Joseph Irimpen retired as bishop in 1994. In 1996, Mar Jacob Manathodath was appointed bishop of Palghat diocese, and has been serving as bishop since.

Palakkad diocese situated almost in the centre of the Kerala State, has no coastal line. Palakkad opens the State to the rest of the country through the Palakkad gap. This 32 to 42 km wide natural gap in the 960 km. long Western Ghats, that influences such as climate, commercial as well as cultural heritage. Palakkad witnessed invasions of historical importance that have left indelible impressions on the history of Kerala.

Bharathapuzha, the longest river in Kerala, originates form the highlands and flows through the entire district. Forests, numerous streams, several dams and the gardens have made this district a tourist paradise.

Economy and culture
Palakkad is one of the main granaries of Kerala and its economy is primarily agricultural. Agriculture engages more than 65 per cent of the workers and 88.9 per cent of the district's population is rural in nature. The proximity and easy approach to Tamil Nadu have caused the admixture of Malayalam and Tamil culture, here. This district is perhaps the foremost in fostering Carnatic music. Great musicians like Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar and Palakkad Mani Iyer, who have enriched carnatic music by their contributions, hailed from this district.

The climate of the Palakkad is tropical. During dry weather, hot winds blow from the plains of Coimbatore through the Palakkad gap. Palakkad gets uniform rainfall as well.

Palakkad lies between north latitude 10° 46` and 10° 59` and east longitude 76° 28` and 76° 39` Revenue districts: Palakkad in Kerala, Coimbatore, Karur and Erode in Tamil Nadu.

Malayalam, English and Tamil are the spoken languages in the diocese.


Name Type
Catholic Population 66,061
Parishes 136
Diocesan Priests 107
Religious Priests 76
Total Priests 183
Religious Sisters 1,326
Religious Brothers 4
Ecclesiastical Institutions 11
Colleges 6
Orphanages 16
Professional Colleges 6
Schools 229
Hostels 25
Hospitals 23
Publications 1

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