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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Dravid joins Archbishop Moras to open Jesuits' new campus

India: The business school, established in 1968 by jesuits, is the first business school in bengaluru.


Church establishes annual National Youth Day

India: The asian youth day is organized by the federation of asian bishops' conference once in every three years, similar to..


Christian Dalit women stand up for their rights

India: Dalit christian women for change formed as a response to being looked down by indian church and society.


Karnataka village protests state apathy, cleans Hemavati river

India: The villagers do not get water from the river, which instead flows to bengaluru, mysuru, tumakuru and hassan.


Konkani Catholic achievers honoured

India: Each of the awardees was honoured with a shawl, a plaque and a 'maan patr'.


Latin rite bishops’ meet to revitalize Family Apostolate

India: The assembly will be held from jan 31 to feb 8 at the pastoral centre in bhopal, madhya pradesh.


Assaults in India raise fear for women’s safety

India: Recent incidents show society, the judiciary and lawmakers have all failed to provide protection.