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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Konkani Catholic achievers honoured

India: Each of the awardees was honoured with a shawl, a plaque and a 'maan patr'.


Latin rite bishops’ meet to revitalize Family Apostolate

India: The assembly will be held from jan 31 to feb 8 at the pastoral centre in bhopal, madhya pradesh.


Assaults in India raise fear for women’s safety

India: Recent incidents show society, the judiciary and lawmakers have all failed to provide protection.


Four arrested for Bengaluru molestation

India: They have been charged with wrongful restraint and sexual harassment.


Marriages made in heaven but weddings made on Earth

India: Sacred unions are lost in the hunt for the most ostentatious wedding.


Migrant communities find pastoral care in Bangalore

India: The participants included khasis, tangkhuls, mizo, nepalis, garos, bodos, jaintias, wanchos, arunachallis and other..


Where faithful came with skirling bagpipes and guns

India: Arun prasad, a historian and researcher, says, “this church opened to cater to scottish soldiers and army..