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Police arrest 53 for attacks on Bangladeshi Hindus

Bangladesh: The silence and inaction of the authorities encourages attackers and frustrates minorities, says bishop sebastian tudu.


Bangladesh stitches together labor law changes

Bangladesh: Govt is proposing amendments to make it easier to form trade unions in industries such as garment manufacturing.


Bangladeshi man convicted of raping 71-year-old nun

India: The city sessions court on nov 7 held nazrul islam, alias noju, guilty of rape.


Mixed views on Bangladeshi sterilization plan for Rohingya

Bangladesh: With nearly a million refugees in camps, bangladesh's government is promoting voluntary sterilization.


Four Rohingya killed in Bangladesh boat capsize

Bangladesh: The boat carrying 33 migrants capsized in the morning, the official told xinhua news agency.


Lack of toilets, water pumps complicating Rohingya crisis

Bangladesh: According to the un, the number of rohingya refugees who have fled the armed conflict in myanmar to bangladesh since aug..


Bangladesh govt bans 'jihad' from madrasa texts

Bangladesh: Chapters on jihad contributed to 'slow radicalization' of students, says state body trying to prevent militancy.