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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Caritas to aid flood victims in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Food shortages loom for communities in northeastern region hit by unseasonal flooding.


Impoverished Bangladeshi women offer up their suffering

Bangladesh: Faith in god has given meaning to a life of intolerable hardship.


Bangladeshi interfaith group creates charter of minority rights

Bangladesh: Catholic official supported demands only if they reflect needs of the 'grassroots'.


Bangladesh church joins campaign for child rights, education

Bangladesh: Cardinal patrick d' rozario of dhaka commits to helping millions of disadvantaged children.


Traditional Lenten play remains popular in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Play is thought to be influenced by the unique evangelization methods used by a preacher during the 18th century.


UN criticizes Bangladesh over dismal human rights record

Bangladesh: A culture of denial of justice has developed making extrajudicial killings a serious problem, says bishops conference..


Bangladesh's senior priest talks 50 years of service

Bangladesh: Father philip d'rozario considers assisting people in distress as his foremost duty as priest.