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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

St. Anthony relic draws crowds in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: One of the most popular religious figures in bangladesh, the saint's uncorrupted tongue is drawing thousands of..


Bangladeshis mourn the death of Italian missionary priest

Bangladesh: Xaverian father silvano garello was a prolific writer and evangelist.


Bangladesh court halts election in Christian cooperative

Bangladesh: Row erupts after candidates barred from running in poll when membership is revoked.


Killing of Bangladeshi lawmaker raises fear of extremist terror

Bangladesh: Church official believes that police need to do more to curb radical islamic militants.


Rohingya flock to Bangladesh to escape violence

Bangladesh: Stories of atrocities perpetrated by myanmar security forces are common, including arbitrary arrests, killings and rape...


No Christmas joy for displaced Santals in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Festivities are on hold for over 2,000 forced from their homes.


Bangladeshi gangs target Hindu homes

Bangladesh: The incident, part of a series of attacks, is indicative of a culture of intolerance, priest says.