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No relief for Bangladesh's most vulnerable communities

Bangladesh: History has not been kind to the country's tea workers, the biharis or the stateless rohingya.


In Bangladesh, mix of warmth and doubt greet Rohingya refugees

Bangladesh: With about 800,000 rohingya now in border camps, fears of crime and security threats in cox's bazar are rising.


Rohingya crisis top of pope's agenda during upcoming visit

Bangladesh: As hundreds of thousands flee violence in rakhine state, pope francis prepares to visit myanmar and bangladesh.


Rohingya refugees trigger humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh

Myanmar: Numbers fleeing myanmar have mounted to 350,000 amid continuing monsoon rains and a government aid ban in myanmar.


Boats capsize leaves 26 fleeing Rohingyas dead

Bangladesh: There has been a collective failure to respond to the needs of people in distress, says bishop gervas rozario.


Hundreds of Rohingyas fleeing to Bangladesh turned away at border

Bangladesh: Bangladeshi military turn away civilians trying to escape eruption of violence in myanmar's rakine state.


Bangladesh beefs up border patrols over Rohingya influx

Bangladesh: Effective dialogue between bangladesh and myanmar is vital for a peaceful solution of the rohingya crisis, says bishop.