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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

CSI concerned over govt backing for GM food product

India: The csi also raised fears over what it said would be the impact on bees and the honey trade.


Loyola and St. Xavier's among top 10 colleges in India

India: Loyola college, ranked number 2, scored 68.68 and st. xavier's kolkata, with a score of 59.12 is at number 6 in the..


AIADMK factions get 'Electric Pole', 'Cap'

India: "our group will be called the 'aiadmk puratchi thalaivi amma'," former mp k.c. palaniswamy told.


Yale University choir to perform at Chennai’s St Mary’s Church

India: Schola begins its tour of india from march 12 to 19, holding performances in delhi, mumbai, and chennai.


Religious commit to work towards egalitarian society

India: The participants committed to stand in solidarity with the dalits in claiming for their rights.


Thousands register for Katchatheevu church festival

India: Increased response for the feast in the church, now part of sri lanka.


Sasikala loyalist Palaniswami becomes new Tamil Nadu CM

India: Palaniswami took oath in tamil, followed by 30 ministers in batches. he has to prove his majority in the assembly within..