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Chinese priest gets jail time for theft, supporters say he was framed

China: Local catholics say state officials targeted father fei jisheng because of his successful evangelization program.


Chinese Communist Party expected to tighten grip on religion

China: Clergy not optimistic about development of religious affairs following october congress.


Vatican breaks silence on missing Chinese bishop

China: Neither the holy see nor the bishop's family have been given a reason why he has been taken away.


Terminally ill Chinese Nobel laureate released from prison

China: It is not clear if liu xiaobo's wife can visit him in hospital as she is under house arrest.


Chinese bishop dies but Vatican-appointed successor not yet ordained

China: Late bishop's disdain for communist government regulations put any election for a successor on hold.


A Catholic Church in China with Chinese characteristics

China: A fresh approach from the vatican is in the wind involving culture, the laity and the digital world.


Pope Benedict's letter to Chinese Catholics revisited in Hong Kong

China: Discussion comes at a time of differing opinions on vatican-beijing relations.