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Sri Lanka's clarion call to become a secular state

Sri Lanka: The most recent amendment that got through was criticized as detrimental to democratic principles.


Sri Lankan bishops condemn govt's decision to legalize abortion

Sri Lanka: They stressed that the catholic church teaches that life begins at conception.


Nun fights for rights of women migrant workers

Sri Lanka: Good shepherd nun helps migrant workers who face physical and mental harassment as well as exploitation.


Sri Lankan church launches online Radio Veritas Asia

Sri Lanka: This service adds to the sinhala service to support catholics who were isolated from the physical community of the..


Activists welcome Sri Lankan move on Missing Persons Office

Sri Lanka: The act brings the island nation into line with its commitments to the un human rights council.


Severe drought cripples Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Lack of rain ravages rice harvest and reduces drinking water for poor villagers.


Cardinal Ranjith of Colombo arrives in Goa

India: After the canonization of st vaz in january 2015, the people of divar had started focusing on the cause of fr gonsalves.