To resolve the Rohingya crisis, a path of love is required

Deprivation may turn into frustration making it is easy for some rohingya to accept extreme ideologies.


Filipino father carries cross of son's murder

Jan 20, 2017

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Interreligious dialogue timely for Asia

Need for various religions to communicate should be highlight of 'week of prayer for christian unity'.


People hungry for justice need church's presence felt

Religious institutions, leaders in philippines failed to stick up for poor on major social issues this last year.


Victory for Indian women?

Looking at challenges hindu, muslim and christian women face in india.


The changing face of Christmas

Progress presents some serious threats to the true meaning of the festive season.


Christmas values for all

Marking christ's birth is a positive reinforcement of christian faith in the values and principles he brought to the..


Marriages made in heaven but weddings made on Earth

Sacred unions are lost in the hunt for the most ostentatious wedding.


What makes Christmas a season of joy?

Be happy in remembering, sharing and caring for those in great poverty and need.