Life is for living

A justice system that is restorative, rather than punitive, has much better results in reducing crime.


Lenten sacrifices made by India's impoverished tribal people

Mar 27, 2017

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Police accused of assaulting Bangladeshi Catholics

Mar 27, 2017

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More missionary lawyers needed in India

Mar 27, 2017

India: Catholic legal professionals..

AIADMK factions get 'Electric Pole', 'Cap'

Mar 23, 2017

India: "our group will be called the 'aiadmk..

Is India marching toward Hindu domination?

The pivotal uttar pradesh state elections show a swing to hindu nationalism and a vastly weakened opposition.


Is Sri Lanka stalling the UN?

The government made commitments are not in line with sentiments of the majority sinhalese population.


Street children need shelter not a jail cell

Lowering the age of criminal liability for children compounds the failure of govt to look out for their welfare.


To a boy who lost a father to the drug war

Resorting to violence is not the path away from desolation and despair.


A sinner needs more care than the righteous

I believe donald tsang yam-kuen, like the prodigal son, regrets his misdeeds.


How to end human trafficking in India

Anti-human trafficking bodies need to work in collaboration to bring about a successful outcome.


Women remain on the church's periphery

A change in the composition of the church hierarchy to include women does not look a possibility any time soon.