How to impress a terror network and gain recognition

President rodrigo duterte's response may be just what aspiring terror group was waiting for.


Live-in rule a burden for Hong Kong's foreign domestic helpers

May 28, 2017

Hong Kong: In the worst cases, domestic..

Egypt: 26 killed in attack on Coptic Christians bus

May 28, 2017

Egypt: The passengers were travelling..

Kerala CM to take up issue of kidnapped priest with prime minister Modi

May 28, 2017

India: The salesian priest of kerala..

President speaks out against intolerance, of 'one-way communication of powerful' to push the narrati

May 25, 2017

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When the rule of law fails

Corrupt enforcers are leading philippines into 'uncivilized barbarity'.


The difficult fight for children's rights

Lawsuits by accused traffickers are among the pitfalls rescuers face when trying to save young children.


India’s women theologians reflect on politics of Kin-dom

We also affirm that jesus’ call to “kingdom” is universal and inclusive, the statement said.


Death of teenager reveals how power is abused in China

When it comes to high ranking officials, there is no rule of law.


'Rape and marry' comment shames Malaysia

Lawmaker and former islamic judge has advocated rapists marrying their victims.


Who allows cyber child porn in the Philippines?

Failure to implement laws is allowing crimes and abuses against children to thrive.


Hope in resurrection, hope against killings

Do not repeat the execution of christ through the legalized killing of his beloved people.