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Nation building in Myanmar, Bangladesh

Pope francis during his visit will have a chance to see how christians have contributed by providing vital services.


Mix of joy and concern in Myanmar over pope's imminent visit

Nov 20, 2017

Myanmar: While hard-line buddhist group..

Tamil bishop rebuilds lives of war victims

Nov 20, 2017

Sri Lanka: There are at least 89,000 war..

Bareilly hosts Hindi Bible Quiz and Writing competition

Nov 21, 2017

India: The program is modelled after..

Shia Waqf Board nod for Ram temple, wants mosque in Lucknow

Nov 20, 2017

India: The ayodhya dispute is centred on a plot of land..

Letter from Rome

Reform-minded catholics should ask god to bless pope francis with good health and benedict xvi with continued long life...


Understanding the religious context of Bangladesh and Myanmar

Christianity here is beholden to both catholic and protestant missionaries for developing the local church.


Christian women coming of age in India!

Despite many progressive developments, regressive religion-backed traditions continue to have a say on indian women’s..


Can Rahul Gandhi's revival derail India's pro-Hindu BJP party?

December election in gujarat state a litmus test for policies of modi's government.


A papal odyssey to the heart of Asia

If jesus were alive today, there is little doubt people of myanmar and bangladesh would be near the front of the queue..


Violent extremism entices Philippines' young Muslims

Although the marawi seige has ended vigilance must be maintained as the threats remain all too real.


Letter from Rome

No one can say pope francis has stacked the deck with his own friends — at least not as much as those popes before..