Who allows cyber child porn in the Philippines?

Failure to implement laws is allowing crimes and abuses against children to thrive.


Preparing Papuan children for the future

Apr 21, 2017

Indonesia: Church-run orphanage changes..

Closed hearts 'unable to be surprised by the Resurrection'

Apr 21, 2017

Vatican City: Resurrection is the heart of..

Cross bulldozed in communist-led Kerala

Apr 21, 2017

India: Catholics say they are..

Tripura, Mizoram liquor shops relocate to follow SC order

Apr 21, 2017

India: In mizoram, at least 12 liquor shops were closed..

Hope in resurrection, hope against killings

Do not repeat the execution of christ through the legalized killing of his beloved people.


Mix of religion, populism challenges runoff for Jakarta's top job

Signs are the islamic card is starting to backfire ahead of final gubernatorial election.


Can we celebrate ‘Our Health’?

The fact that health has not reached millions of the men and women of our country is certainly depressing news.


Counter-terrorism: Malaysia walks religious tightrope

Government uses tough security laws against political opponents but shows little interest in countering islamic..


Child brides, a cover for cultural pedophilia

For many abusers 'marriage' has become a front to justify child sex and escape the penalties of law.


The passion of the women of 'desaparecidos'

Thousands of grieving women in asia suffer from the pain of waiting without knowing how long they will do so.


Life is for living

A justice system that is restorative, rather than punitive, has much better results in reducing crime.