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Letter from Rome

Church responded too late, pope francis told members of the pontifical commission for protection of minors.


Uncertainty, fear plague Rohingya in Nepal

Sep 26, 2017

Nepal: There are concerns over more..

Catholic activist imprisoned in Vietnam, supporters cry foul

Sep 26, 2017

China: Five-year prison sentence is..

Church official welcomes dialogue seeking peace in Kashmir

Sep 26, 2017

India: Previously, the government has..

No fresh infiltration of Rohingyas into India: BSF

Sep 20, 2017

India: The bsf officer said there were no fresh arrests..

Christianity in China should not be dictated by politics

Under attack from communist repression, it's time for the faithful to stand up.


It's time to set a new course toward the future

Why is it that catholics in 2017 are still expected to use forms of worship that go back to late classical times?


All will end up victims of Duterte’s drug war

Biggest price to pay as a result of wholesale killings will be a society oblivious to the value of human life.


No relief for Bangladesh's most vulnerable communities

History has not been kind to the country's tea workers, the biharis or the stateless rohingya.


Caste, India's apartheid

Despite laws and regulations, prohibitions and sanctions, caste thrives and proliferates in india.


In defense of the tragic, impotent silence of Aung San Suu Kyi

Can pope francis help with her effective silence over the rohingya crisis perpetrated by myanmar's military?


Cambodia's poor bite back upsetting the political establishment

Smart phones reshape hun sen's election strategy.