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The rise of radical Islam in Bangladesh

Thailand: The legacy of war is strongly ingrained in the psyche of most bangladeshis.


Understanding the religious context of Bangladesh and Myanmar

Thailand: Christianity here is beholden to both catholic and protestant missionaries for developing the local church.


Myanmar reaps the benefit of abandoned Rohingya land

Bangladesh: Forced to flee for their lives, refugee farmers are furious that the authorities are harvesting their crops.


A papal odyssey to the heart of Asia

Thailand: If jesus were alive today, there is little doubt people of myanmar and bangladesh would be near the front of the queue..


No justice for indigenous Santals one year after violence

Bangladesh: Victims still haven't been compensated for forced evacuations and are waiting to be relocated to new homes.


Police arrest 53 for attacks on Bangladeshi Hindus

Bangladesh: The silence and inaction of the authorities encourages attackers and frustrates minorities, says bishop sebastian tudu.


Life in the time of Cholera

Bangladesh: Dysentery, pneumonia and other diseases are growing threats, as sanitation facilities collapse at rohingya refugee..