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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

New forum divides Bangladeshi Christians

Bangladesh: After a spat over elections, bangladesh's biggest christian forum has split.


Fresh outbreak of Islamic militancy alarms Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Attacks result in calls for a more comprehensive approach to tackle terrorism.


Caritas Bangladesh campaigns for peace in Syria

Bangladesh: Church groups find an innovative way to respond to papal call to express solidarity with war torn country.


Bangladesh Supreme Court pushes Dhaka tanneries out

Bangladesh: Government, owners need to be sincere and aware about environmental protection, says church official.


Bangladesh 'needs to do more' than just ban militant group

Bangladesh: Government needs to address extremism at its roots and not just pay lip service, say critics.


The fading legacy of Christian literature in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Despite contributing to education, bangladeshi christians cannot seem to find their literary feet.


Christian life caught on camera inspires Bangladeshis

Bangladesh: Exhibition and competition part of a church-run program bringing visual arts to young people.