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Indian villagers challenge murderers with Christian faith

Christian leaders say officials and police support right-wing hindu groups who strive to make india a hindu-only nation...


Philippines' Duterte has no concept of accountability

Oct 22, 2017

Philippines: Contradictions between his..

Pope's pro-life challenge: Respect all life, oppose death penalty

Oct 22, 2017

Vatican City: Pope francis cannot change the..

Belgian Jesuit translator of the Bengali Bible dies

Oct 22, 2017

India: Father christian mignon tried..

Solar Scam: Kerala Assembly special session on Nov 9

Oct 19, 2017

India: The cabinet recommended the governor to call a..

Indonesians on remote Mindanao island embrace Catholic faith

Life is great if god is at the center, even if we are poor, says former muslim.


A wife without a husband, a child without a home

The mood at refugee camps in cox’s bazar is made heavy by the grief of hundreds of widows struggling for survival.


Nepal's fascination with its living goddess

The child is revered as 'caretaker' of the whole nation, including by heads of state, who visit successive living..


After Party Congress, no respite for religions in China

It's hard to see how things could get much worse in tibet and xinjiang, says rights researcher.


Before pope's visit, Suu Kyi govt holds prayers for peace

Pr stunt for public support or genuine effort for peace in myanmar?


Orphans' exodus to an unknown future

Rohingya children left parentless by the violence in rakhine state struggle to survive on their own in refugee camps.


Deadly bombings dim peace prospects in Thailand's Deep South

Dominant insurgent group brn wants more say in negotiations with the generals in bangkok.