Christian activists play key role in Philippine revolution

For members of the christians for national liberation, 1986 uprising was just the start of fight for social justice.


Pakistan's dangerous media war

Feb 26, 2017

Pakistan: Incitement to religious hatred..

Sri Lankan Catholics oppose amending abortion laws

Feb 26, 2017

Sri Lanka: Country's justice ministry is..

Christian Dalit women stand up for their rights

Feb 26, 2017

India: Dalit christian women for..

Shutdown called in Manipur ahead of PM's visit

Feb 24, 2017

India: Members of public were asked not to venture out..

Caritas takes cancer care to India's remote areas

Education and care program is catholic charity's response to the country's increasing cancer woes.


Tribals reap ill wind by Philippine peace talks failure

Renewed conflict between govt, communist rebels dashes hopes of those caught in the middle.


Tamil protesters: 'We will sacrifice our lives'

They have been protesting for the return of their lands outside an air force base.


Church sponsored market helps Indonesian organic farmers

Growers make profits, customers get a good deal while market cuts out 'greedy' middlemen.


Serving the poor: Mercy continues in an Indian parish

Homeless people cannot access government programs so they rely on catholic parishioners.


St. Anthony relic draws crowds in Bangladesh

One of the most popular religious figures in bangladesh, the saint's uncorrupted tongue is drawing thousands of..


Persecuted Rohingya look to UN rights envoy

Special rapporteur's visit to restive rakhine aroused both hope and cynicism.