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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Filipino Catholics told to look for Christ among the poor

Philippines: Philippines kicks off holy week with palm sunday observances.


To a boy who lost a father to the drug war

Philippines: Resorting to violence is not the path away from desolation and despair.


Appeals for peace amid Duterte's call for 'all-out war'

Philippines: Calls grow for talks between govt and communist rebels to continue.


Filipino Catholics cling on to faith amid hardships

Philippines: Devotion to the child jesus offers some comfort to those suffering from poverty and family tragedies.


Lives are not the only casualties in war on drugs

Philippines: Ability of filipinos to make a stand on rights is being killed by vigilanties and social stigma.


Dignity is being killed in a city of sudden death

Philippines: The soul of manila and the nation is being eaten away by the philippine war on drugs.


Cremation gains popularity among rich Filipino Catholics

Philippines: Church leaders issue reminder to honor the dead ahead of all souls' day.