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Chinese priest gets jail time for theft, supporters say he was framed

China: Local catholics say state officials targeted father fei jisheng because of his successful evangelization program.


Bishop Michael Yeung: Hong Kong's youth face tough times

Hong Kong: Hong kong's new bishop says for the sake of society, young people need opportunities.


Total control is behind China's revised religious regulations

Hong Kong: New provisions reveal authorities did not listen to opinions expressed by religious communities during public..


One elderly Catholic's struggle for democracy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Benedict ng, 81, is part of the 'gou wu group' who are campaigning for universal suffrage.


Hong Kong's new bishop admits to a realistic approach to China

Hong Kong: In the past, bishop michael yeung has been criticized for not standing up to the repression of christians in china.


Chinese Communist Party expected to tighten grip on religion

China: Clergy not optimistic about development of religious affairs following october congress.


As Macau recovers, prayers offered for victims of super-typhoon

Macau: Bishop stephen lee bun-sang of macau calls for collaboration with civic authorities to help restore city.