Indian Catholic News

Burning of cardinal's effigy upsets Indian bishops

India: If hate actions are not checked, communities will be pitched against each other leading to social calamity, bishops..


Indian Muslims express solidarity with Rohingya people

India: They demand that the government rescind its move to deport rohingya people from india to myanmar.


Church calls for Jharkhand CM's ouster

India: Bishop theodore mascarenhas said he was compelled to write to modi as he was disturbed over the politics of hate..


Church leaders greet newly elected Indian president

India: Courtesy visit did not mention issues of anti-christian violence in the country.


East Indian Catholics bring out guide on caste certificates

India: The missing word ‘catholic’ in caste papers can spell trouble.


Indian nun in Cameroon recognized for anti-trafficking work

United States: The 39-year-old vanaja jasphine last year helped to bring home 14 trafficking victims.


Nun wins global HIV/AIDS nursing award

India: Sister nagothu is the director of nursing at bel-air hospital.