Widodo has Indonesian hard-line group running scared

Indonesia: Hizbut tahrir indonesia petitons human rights body over executive order on banning mass organizations.


Indonesia 'in urgent need of anti-terrorism bill'

Indonesia: Rights group, catholic church want immediate approval of stalled bill in parliament.


Indonesia Catholic educators aim to counter extremism

Indonesia: Experts drawing up guidelines looking to instill tolerance and pluralism in students at catholic and state schools.


Indonesian activists pressure Malaysia over migrant purge

Indonesia: Malaysian authorities accused of heavy-handed tactics when conducting sweeps against illegal migrant workers.


Indonesian lay Catholics join priests in demanding their bishop resigns

Indonesia: Bishop hubertus leteng's attitude and behavior violates gospel values, they say.


Indonesian Christians condemn Eid al-Fitr attack

Indonesia: Killing of policeman at medan police headquarters by islamic state linked terrorists raises militancy fears.


Indonesian Catholics join Muslims in Eid al-Fitr celebrations

Indonesia: Christians keen to generate greater bonds against backdrop of heightened religious tensions.