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As Rohingya exodus slows, refugee numbers may top 500,000

Bangladesh is now scrambling for humanitarian assistance including help for up to 18,000 pregnant women.


Regional Muslims' fury at Aung San Suu Kyi

Sep 24, 2017

India: They're angered by myanmar..

It's time to set a new course toward the future

Sep 24, 2017

Japan: Why is it that catholics in..

Father Uzhunnalil to arrive Delhi on Sept 28

Sep 24, 2017

India: He is to meet prime minister..

No fresh infiltration of Rohingyas into India: BSF

Sep 20, 2017

India: The bsf officer said there were no fresh arrests..

Indonesian LGBT people receive government employment boost

Attorney-general’s office backtracks on employment ban sparking calls for all departments to follow suit.


Bangladeshi Buddhists to give up festivity for Rohingya refugees

There are fears that the small buddhist population of majority-muslim bangladesh could be subjected to revenge attacks.


Chinese priest gets jail time for theft, supporters say he was framed

Local catholics say state officials targeted father fei jisheng because of his successful evangelization program.


Bishop Michael Yeung: Hong Kong's youth face tough times

Hong kong's new bishop says for the sake of society, young people need opportunities.


Total control is behind China's revised religious regulations

New provisions reveal authorities did not listen to opinions expressed by religious communities during public..


Police, Islamic groups halt communist purge forum

Indonesian purges in which 500,000 people died still a hot topic more than 50 years on.


Rohingya refugees denounce Aung San Suu Kyi speech

Refugees in bangladesh have dismissed her promises of bringing human rights violators to justice.