Closed hearts 'unable to be surprised by the Resurrection'

Resurrection is the heart of the christian message, pope says.


Preparing Papuan children for the future

Apr 21, 2017

Indonesia: Church-run orphanage changes..

Who allows cyber child porn in the Philippines?

Apr 19, 2017

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Cross bulldozed in communist-led Kerala

Apr 21, 2017

India: Catholics say they are..

Tripura, Mizoram liquor shops relocate to follow SC order

Apr 21, 2017

India: In mizoram, at least 12 liquor shops were closed..

Muslim leaders work on surrender of Abu Sayyaf fighters

Military confirms leading group member, raddulan sahiron, has sent out feelers about giving himself up.


Philippine church leaders are 'social media martyrs'

Head of bishops' conference decries internet troll attacks on churchmen.


Malaysia heading to election but is PM to step down?

Scandal-tainted najib razak may have relative take his place.


Appeals for calm after Philippine terror attack

Church leader tries to allay fears on bohol island in wake of foiled abu sayyaf raid.


Tamil Catholics in Sri Lanka protest throughout Easter

They hope to see their navy-occupied village returned.


Indonesian Catholics stand up to mining firm

Diocese in flores vows 'massive' protests against chinese mining firm wanting to dig up tourist area.


Vietnam authorities harass Catholics on Easter

Plainclothes officials broke into a private house to take priest to police station.