Police accused of assaulting Bangladeshi Catholics

A fracas in a christian village led to riot police charging locals, injuring two dozen.


Lenten sacrifices made by India's impoverished tribal people

Mar 27, 2017

India: Tribal people in jharkhand..

Life is for living

Mar 23, 2017

Philippines: A justice system that is..

More missionary lawyers needed in India

Mar 27, 2017

India: Catholic legal professionals..

AIADMK factions get 'Electric Pole', 'Cap'

Mar 23, 2017

India: "our group will be called the 'aiadmk..

Priest accuses govt of targeting Filipino activists

Groups express concerns over spate of killings, 'illegal arrests' of people trying to assist poor communities.


Pope speaks out against bullying

Pontiff calls on children to promise jesus not to be bullies.


Church social workers in Myanmar support nation building

Role of the catholic church in the country's full transition to democracy is 'very important'.


Manila slum dwellers demand free houses

Thousands throng streets of philippine capital to protest government's handling of housing policy.


Indonesian Catholics call for action on church graft

Deeds, not repeated rhetoric, is the only way to stamp out 'original sin' of corruption, discussion told.


Filipinos told to be vigilant during Holy Week

Discovery of 'terror cell' won't deter people from marking easter, priest says.


New forum divides Bangladeshi Christians

After a spat over elections, bangladesh's biggest christian forum has split.