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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Church supports environmental protest in Jakarta

Indonesia: Indonesian farmers have encased their feet in concrete to show how a potential development will affect the environment. ..


Indonesian Catholic schools cry foul amid teacher row

Indonesia: Government move recalling private teachers a 'lethal policy' that threatens very existence of private schools.


Indonesians mourn death of pluralist Muslim cleric

Indonesia: Ahmad hasyim muzadi was known for commitment to promoting interreligious dialogue.


Indonesian farmers reject chemical fertilizers

Indonesia: East nusa tenggara growers pledge to convert to organic methods, preserve the environment.


Indonesian terror group bust raises extremism fears

Indonesia: Arrest of nine members of suspected new group sparks fresh terror campain concerns.


Pollution 'kills hundreds of Indonesian children'

Indonesia: Contaminated water and air, as well as poor hygiene is spuuring fatal diseases, who warns.


Indonesian women march for equal rights

Indonesia: Discriminatory rules and official neglect are abuses of their rights, they say.