Indonesian Catholics help poorest Muslims celebrate Eid

Indonesia: The sant'egidio community has welcomed hundreds of muslims each year since its first breakfast event in 1996.


Church leaders decry drug trade in Indonesian jails

Indonesia: Anti-narcotics chief says half of country's illicit drug trade controlled by inmates.


Indonesian Muslims condemn Marawi militants

Indonesia: Gunmen are terrorists with poor or no understanding of islamic teachings, they say.


Rebel Indonesian priests seek Vatican help over bishop

Indonesia: Nuncio promises to try to resolve row over alleged misappropriation of church funds by bishop hubertus leteng of ruteng...


Creating a civilization of love in Semarang Archdiocese

Indonesia: Growing intolerance in indonesia presents new archbishop with a tough and pressing challenge.


Church, NGOs join forces to help Indonesians with HIV/AIDS

Indonesia: A worrying increase in the spread of the virus is exacerbated by misinformation and a lack of education about causes.


Mindanao 'has become base' for Indonesian militants

Indonesia: Experts fear southern philippines emerging as an islamic state terrorist training ground.