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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Christians call for calm amid West Kalimantan tensions

Indonesia: Muslim cleric's alleged insult against dayak tribal people threatens to get out of hand.


Jakarta's Christian governor claws back support

Indonesia: City election debate sees undecided voters backing blasphemy plagued incumbent ahok.


Muslim encourages Catholics to vote in Indonesia polls

Indonesia: Urges voters to elect leaders like jakarta christian governor basuki tjahaja purnama.


Indonesian Christians voice religious freedom concerns

Indonesia: National rights commission report says number of violation complaints is on the rise.


Muslims pledge support for Catholics in blasphemy case

Indonesia: Calls are growing in indonesia for hardline cleric rizieq syihab to be prosecuted for mocking christians.


Widodo lauded for recognizing indigenous people's rights

Indonesia: President grants land entitlements to nine tribal groups across indonesia.


Renewed calls seek help for victims of Aceh quake

Indonesia: Many still living rough due to fears caused by aftershocks that followed indonesian disaster.