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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Indonesian Catholic educators praise govt funding

Indonesia: Aid helps finance schools without interference from bureacrats regarding management or curriculum.


Jakarta's Christian governor faces tough run-off vote

Indonesia: Church leaders laud peaceful local elections across indonesia.


Church sponsored market helps Indonesian organic farmers

Indonesia: Growers make profits, customers get a good deal while market cuts out 'greedy' middlemen.


Indonesian families concerned over TV content

Indonesia: Worries of influence and bad habits abound in the debate on scenes of violence and exploitation.


Indonesia tightens poll security for Papua

Indonesia: Local leaders criticize deployment of more that 5,000 security forces, saying excessive number sends out wrong message.


Religious leaders stress unity in conflict-scarred Maluku

Indonesia: Indonesia's regional elections offers chance to further repair damage caused in province by deadly sectarian violence.


40 million Indonesians to elect new govts

Indonesia: Local polls are seen as a litmus test in people's desire to stamp out graft, religious intolerance.