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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Pakistani Christians campaign for an accurate census

Pakistan: Bishops have urged pastoral workers to play a role in getting christians to register for the poll.


No justice for Pakistan's Christian minority

Pakistan: Mob attackers walking free reflects a 'bigoted society'.


Pakistan needs less rhetoric and more action

Pakistan: Depsite the prime minister's speech, the lives of minorities in pakistan remain beset by problems.


Activists call for recovery of missing Pakistan bloggers

Pakistan: Church, rights campaigners express fears over fate of four men who disappeared within the space of a week.


Balochistan under attack amid China investment

Pakistan: Many believe upsurge of violence in pakistan's largest province is linked to mega infrastructure project.


Pakistan pledges safety legislation after deadly fire

Pakistan: Health and safety measures are desperately needed in pakistan's most dangerous industry.


Mentally ill man granted stay of execution in Pakistan

Pakistan: Imdad ali's case will be urgently reviewed after several rights groups lambasted the decision to hang him.