Indian Catholic News

Christians upset over controversial pilgrimage advert

Pakistan: Call for keeping site clean due to unavailability of sanitary workers is seen as derogatory.


Lahore Archdiocese bans political speeches in churches

Pakistan: Ban comes after political speech made in cathedral by daughter of former prime minister nawaz sharif.


Christians fear violence following Pakistan PM's dismissal

Pakistan: Pakistani catholic bishops' national commission for justice and peace has called on leaders to show political maturity.


Pakistani bishops demand action over Lahore bombing

Pakistan: Nine police officials, three christians among the 26 dead.


Pakistani Christians demand education quota

Pakistan: Muslim students get extra points during admission in formal or technical educational institutions but not christians.


Pakistani Catholic family flees following blasphemy allegation

Pakistan: Teenage son allegedly made comments disrespectful of prophet mohammed, a crime that carries a mandatory death sentence.


Brave nun fights for women's rights in Pakistan

Pakistan: Female activists such as sister genevieve are in short supply in the muslim-majority south asian nation.