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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Myanmar Christian leaders meet Suu Kyi in war-torn state

Myanmar: State counselor pushes govt peace efforts, churchmen seek help for those displaced by kachin conflict.


Religions in Myanmar unite for harmony

Myanmar: An interfaith gathering to stop the spread of hate speech and sectarianism.


Myanmar prepares for water shortage

Myanmar: Last year's el nino exacerbated the dry season but this time the government and ngos are prepared.


Anti-Muslim monk in Myanmar barred from giving sermons

Myanmar: But religious leaders say more needs to be done to address hate speech in the country.


Salesian center in Mandalay offers helping hand to street kids

Myanmar: Don bosco friend of youth center provides shelter, food, healthcare plus a formal or non-formal education.


Myanmar's long hard road to gender equality

Myanmar: Women still regarded second class citizens in conservative myanmar.


Cardinal Bo warns of 'environmental holocaust'

Myanmar: Ecological crisis being caused by 'economic terrorists and ecological terrorists,' he says.