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Aung San Suu Kyi visits Rakhine, triggers skepticism

Myanmar: By casting rohingya crisis as a 'quarrel' and conducting a one-day tour she has opened herself to further criticism.


Military grip on Myanmar clear as two pastors jailed

Myanmar: They've been imprisoned for a combined sentence of over six years for talking to journalists in conflict-riven kachin..


Bishops seek return of schools nationalized by Myanmar military

Myanmar: Myanmar was once considered the best-educated nation in southeast asia because of christian schools.


Hard-line Buddhists want militias in Myanmar's Rakhine State

Myanmar: Demands made after recent killing of buddhists in the troubled state's north.


Interfaith leaders pray for fallen heroes at Suu Kyi's home

Myanmar: Christian, muslim, hindu, baha'i and jewish religious leaders attended the gathering.


Myanmar's ethnic Rakhines greet UN rights envoy with protests

Myanmar: Protesters say yanghee lee is biased and favors the rohingya.


Myanmar's hard-line Buddhists rebrand but nothing changes

Myanmar: Their mission, logo and plans remain the same, says monk from anti-muslim and ultra-nationalist group.