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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Philippine church workers get taste of martial law

Philippines: Women's ecumenical forum members find freedom of movement not as free as they want it to be.


How to impress a terror network and gain recognition

Philippines: President rodrigo duterte's response may be just what aspiring terror group was waiting for.


Philippine archbishop goes undercover to check on parishes

Philippines: Archbishop gilbert garcera of lipa plays detective to see how parishes deal with the poor.


Churches ablaze, martial law declared in Mindanao

Philippines: Priest feared kidnapped, presidential order after terror group attack branded a gross 'over-reaction'.


'Take bold steps,' Filipino bishops tell peace negotiators

Philippines: Fifth round of peace talks set to begin with communist rebels, groups demand release of protestant prelate.


When the rule of law fails

Philippines: Corrupt enforcers are leading philippines into 'uncivilized barbarity'.


Filipino Catholics in 'show of force' against death penalty

Philippines: Church leaders, activists up pressure on senate to vote against capital punishment.