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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

'Mass murder' complaint filed against Philippines' Duterte

Philippines: Complaint alleges duterte masterminded killings of thousands of suspected drug users and dealers.


Church attendance in Philippines declines

Philippines: Failure of families to sustain values formation among young people blamed for decline in churchgoers.


Filipino priest backs working with rebels on environment

Philippines: Environment secretary gina lopez wants to include communists in environmental protection efforts.


Asian farmers reject trials of 'golden rice,' other crops

Philippines: Gathering in philippines accuse genetically modified crops of wreaking havoc among farmers.


Muslim leaders work on surrender of Abu Sayyaf fighters

Philippines: Military confirms leading group member, raddulan sahiron, has sent out feelers about giving himself up.


Philippine church leaders are 'social media martyrs'

Philippines: Head of bishops' conference decries internet troll attacks on churchmen.


Appeals for calm after Philippine terror attack

Philippines: Church leader tries to allay fears on bohol island in wake of foiled abu sayyaf raid.