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Philippines dismisses UN rights concerns

Philippines: Tells world body at general assembly to respect sovereignty as it wages its deadly drugs war.


All will end up victims of Duterte’s drug war

Philippines: Biggest price to pay as a result of wholesale killings will be a society oblivious to the value of human life.


Philippine military rescues Marawi's captive vicar-general

Philippines: Father teresito soganub safe after 4 month ordeal, fate of remaining hostages not yet known.


Philippine lawmakers cripple human rights commission

Philippines: Congress votes to slash constitutional body's annual budget to just us$20.


Presence, not just words

Philippines: Philippine church, rights activists fighting drugs war have to get among the poor to tear them away from duterte.


Scared drug-war witnesses seek church protection

Philippines: Philippine bishop rebuffs govt attempt to take 2 child witnesses into custody.


Call for rethink on deadly drug campaign intensifies

Philippines: Discovery of third teen's body prompts senior figures, including philippine vice-president to speak out.