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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Filipinos told to be vigilant during Holy Week

Philippines: Discovery of 'terror cell' won't deter people from marking easter, priest says.


Life is for living

Philippines: A justice system that is restorative, rather than punitive, has much better results in reducing crime.


Cardinal Tagle condemns drugs, launches program for addicts

Philippines: Manila prelate calls on catholics not to treat users as if they are something to be thrown away.


Philippine bishops welcome Duterte impeachment motion

Philippines: Prelate's admit that move against president is doomed to fail in congress.


Philippine church leaders call for positive peace talks

Philippines: Joint statement warns against negotiations being 'bogged down by accusations and counter-accusations'.


Street children need shelter not a jail cell

Philippines: Lowering the age of criminal liability for children compounds the failure of govt to look out for their welfare.


Filipino group wants church to back death penalty

Philippines: Bishops rebuff appeal by anti-crime watchdog to support legislation to re-impose capital punishment.