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The rise of radical Islam in Bangladesh

Thailand: The legacy of war is strongly ingrained in the psyche of most bangladeshis.


Mix of joy and concern in Myanmar over pope's imminent visit

Myanmar: While hard-line buddhist group opposes visit by pope francis, others prepare a warm welcome.


Nation building in Myanmar, Bangladesh

India: Pope francis during his visit will have a chance to see how christians have contributed by providing vital services.


Pope Francis' video message to Myanmar

Myanmar: The pope tells catholics to witness to the world by opening their hearts to others, especially the poor and those in..


Understanding the religious context of Bangladesh and Myanmar

Thailand: Christianity here is beholden to both catholic and protestant missionaries for developing the local church.


A papal odyssey to the heart of Asia

Thailand: If jesus were alive today, there is little doubt people of myanmar and bangladesh would be near the front of the queue..


Little sympathy for Rohingya in main-street Myanmar

Myanmar: Anti-muslim buddhist monks have helped fuel rampant racism and are now reaping dividends.