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In defense of the tragic, impotent silence of Aung San Suu Kyi

Thailand: Can pope francis help with her effective silence over the rohingya crisis perpetrated by myanmar's military?


Some Rohingyas are linked to ISI, Pakistani terrorists: Centre to SC

India: Kiren rijiju said the government's decision to deport rohingya refugees was in the nation's interest.


Indian Muslims express solidarity with Rohingya people

India: They demand that the government rescind its move to deport rohingya people from india to myanmar.


Muslims in Kashmir protest violence against Rohingyas in Myanmar

India: People should not be selective in protesting against violence, says priest from jammu-srinagar diocese.


Bishops seek return of schools nationalized by Myanmar military

Myanmar: Myanmar was once considered the best-educated nation in southeast asia because of christian schools.


Pope Francis' visit to Bangladesh sparks joy, enthusiasm

Bangladesh: The visit would have a revolutionary impact on the faith of local catholics and raise the profile of the church.


Vatican officials visit Myanmar, Bangladesh ahead of pope's trip

Myanmar: Myanmar's catholic leaders also hold meeting with the country's military chiefs to discuss peace initiatives.