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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

'Kasturi crisis' will be resolved: Nepalese President

India: Bhandari, who offered prayers at the temple, said she would take measures for resolving the crisis faced by the temple..


Nepal President arrives on India visit

India: This is bhandari's first foreign tour after assuming office in october 2015.


ISI-backed train accident mastermind arrested in Nepal: NIA

India: Isi agent shamshul huda, mastermind of kanpur train derailment, arrested in nepal


Understanding LGBT rights in Nepal

Nepal: Even though different sexual orientations are mentioned in ancient epics, present day hinduism does not have a clear..


Indian priests help with building homes in Nepal

Nepal: The inter-faith initiative started by four claretian priests invites donations and support from people.


Rising Out of Poverty through Education in Nepal

Nepal: According to the asian development bank, a training project in collaboration with the swiss development corporation has..


Peace is not just an absence of war

Nepal: A comprehensive peace accord signed in 2006 ended nepal's civil war but reconciliation and justice remains elusive.