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Pakistan bishops demand fair voting system for minorities

Pakistan: Muslim parties now appoint 10 representatives of ethnic and religious minorities under a proportional system.


Divorce divides Pakistan's Christian marriage law debate

Pakistan: Church groups, activists and rights campaigners submit views on new legislation to overhaul colonial era laws.


Pakistan university students tackle intolerance problem

Pakistan: A growing number of blasphemy attacks on campus has prompted a new program to promote religious understanding.


Pakistan Finance Minister appears before accountability court

Pakistan: The nab prosecution has presented two new witnesses against the minister, dawn news reported.


Christian teen died of police beating in Pakistan

Pakistan: Raids were being carried out seeking the arrest of culprits still on the run.


Mr Prime Minister, speak out for religious minorities

Pakistan: Hard-line vigilantes in pakistan have allegedly murdered more than 60 people accused of blasphemy since 1990.


Qualified priests, parishes top priorities for Lahore Archbishop

Pakistan: Franciscan bishop has been focusing on increasing the number of parishes and reaching out to catholics.