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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Women, children among 72 killed at Pakistan Sufi shrine

Pakistan: Terrorism has spread like a cancer, says karachi archbishop as so-called islamic state claims responsibility for suicide..


Pakistani Christians campaign for an accurate census

Pakistan: Bishops have urged pastoral workers to play a role in getting christians to register for the poll.


Pakistan bans Valentine's Day

Pakistan: Court ruling orders media, govt not to promote activities celebrating 'day of love'.


No justice for Pakistan's Christian minority

Pakistan: Mob attackers walking free reflects a 'bigoted society'.


Pakistan passes bill to curb hate speech, forced marriage

Pakistan: New legislation increases punishments for sectarian crimes.


1,200 Pakistani minority members in line for Indian citizenship

India: Under the passport and foreigners act, the ministry has regularised the entry and stay of persons belonging to minority..


Top Pakistan court bails Christian accused of blasphemy

Pakistan: Lawyers say there is no evidence proving adnan prince masih, a pastor, insulted islam.