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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Pakistan arrest 22 after student killed for 'blasphemy'

Pakistan: Church officials link murder to the presence of hate and discriminative material in education system.


Pakistan TV comedy 'insults' Christians

Pakistan: Tv show depicts christians as 'inferior' and 'greedy'.


India warns Pakistan of 'consequences' if Jadhav is hanged

India: The minister added that the indian government "will go out of the way to save him (jadhav)".


Pakistan Christians determined to be fairly represented

Pakistan: Accurate assessment will help religious minority access to reserved parliamentary seats and job opportunities.


Christian suburb in Lahore suffers poverty, terrorism

Pakistan: Neglected by the government, youhanabad remains impoverished while nearby muslim neighborhoods prosper.


Convert to Islam and walk free: Pakistan prosecutor

Pakistan: Christians on trial were offered acquittal in return for embracing islam, according to activists.


Pakistani Christians want fair blasphemy investigations

Pakistan: Muslim man accused of blasphemy has received 'better' treatment than christians in similar circumstances.