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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Minorities tell Pakistan's top security chief their concerns

Pakistan: Among issues brought up by interfaith delegation was the misuse of blasphemy laws and forced conversion.


Christians selected for 'degrading' jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan: Church officials angered by advertisement calling on only religious minorities to apply for road sweeper positions.


'Missing' Indian clerics return from Pakistan

India: The duo on their arrival visited the hazrat nizamuddin dargah and were warmly welcomed by the people.


Missing Indian clerics: Sushma speaks to Pakistani authorities

India: "indian nationals syed asif ali nizami, 80, and his nephew nazim ali nizami went to pakistan on march 8," she..


Pakistan warns of social media ban for blasphemous posts

Pakistan: Facebook pages deemed insulting to islam are a blatant misuse of freedom of expression, says catholic priest.


Pakistan church demands humane treatment of Afghans

Pakistan: Thousands of refugees stranded amid border restrictions.


Samina Nawab: Pakistan's Christian hero

Pakistan: Humanitarian efforts include rebuilding a prison chapel and providing basic healthcare to the poor.