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Sri Lanka's clarion call to become a secular state

Sri Lanka: The most recent amendment that got through was criticized as detrimental to democratic principles.


Sri Lankan bishops condemn govt's decision to legalize abortion

Sri Lanka: They stressed that the catholic church teaches that life begins at conception.


Sri Lankan church launches online Radio Veritas Asia

Sri Lanka: This service adds to the sinhala service to support catholics who were isolated from the physical community of the..


Sri Lankan church sets rules to avoid future boat tragedies

Sri Lanka: Police said no passengers were wearing life jackets during the religious procession.


Buddhist monks decide against new Sri Lankan constitution

Sri Lanka: Current charter is anti-people and paved the way for a dictatorial form of governance, says catholic priest.


Civil society upset as Sri Lankan minister threatens lawyer

Sri Lanka: Justice minister asks christian-defending lawyer to apologize for televised comments.


Sri Lankan Catholics show 'solidarity' for flood victims

Sri Lanka: More than 300 killed and 650,000 people displaced by cyclone mora.