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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Resolve Ayodhya dispute amicably: SC; mixed reactions follow

India: The 2010 order said there should be partition of the disputed land in ayodhya between parties to the dispute.


Korea branch of aid group aims to help more persecuted Christians

Korea: Aid to the church in need has already assisted churches in the middle east, particularly those in iraq and syria.


SC questions government over demonetised currency

India: "i (government) didn't think it appropriate to exercise the option," the attorney general told the court.


Reformation group wants nuns hear women’s confession

India: Kerala catholic bishop council (kcbc) dismissed the demand as a publicity stunt.


Yogi as CM is BJP's message on 'Hindu Rashtra': Yechuri

India: He also accused yogi adityanath of always speaking against the muslim and the dalits.


Anti-Muslim posters: Two UP police teams to track culprits

India: The muslim residents have petitioned the police to ensure their safety and security.


Bangladesh Supreme Court pushes Dhaka tanneries out

Bangladesh: Government, owners need to be sincere and aware about environmental protection, says church official.