Indian Catholic News

Bishop criticizes politicians for branding India's secularism a lie

India: The issue was raised to distract peoples’ attention from matters of more pressing concern, says bishop theodore..


Bareilly hosts Hindi Bible Quiz and Writing competition

India: The program is modelled after the popular logos bible quiz in kerala that annually attracts some 500,000 participants.


Rights groups welcome UN criticism of India's sanitation drive

India: The government is using aggressive and abusive practices to meet project deadlines, says official.


India's top court asks governments to check Delhi pollution

India: Pollutants in the new delhi air is 15 times higher than the safe limit set by world health organization.


Civil groups insist on pro-people issues at ASEAN summit

Philippines: Complain issues concerning those most needy lose out to big businesses at such high-level meetings.


Rights group attacks India's treatment of rape victims

India: Measures brought in after 2012 gang rape, murder of delhi student have not been fully adopted, it says.


Diocese supports call to make Jammu-Kashmir alcohol free

India: They also want govt to initiate proper awareness programs and strictly curb bootlegging.