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Infant deaths in India expose state failure

India: Shortage of basic facilities and outbreaks of diseases like encephalitis, main cause says church health official.


Police, Islamic groups halt communist purge forum

Indonesia: Indonesian purges in which 500,000 people died still a hot topic more than 50 years on.


Indian Muslims should embrace triple talaq verdict

India: The triple talaq ruling, the result of a decades-long campaign by women's rights groups, was a historic verdict.


Christians upset over controversial pilgrimage advert

Pakistan: Call for keeping site clean due to unavailability of sanitary workers is seen as derogatory.


Andhra pastor accused of raping 12-year-old

India: the police officials said case has been registered and investigation is under progress.


Indonesia speaks up as global support for Rohingya grows

Indonesia: Asia's biggest muslim state to send aid and build hospital in myanmar's rakhine state.


Large Filipino resistance movement forms against Duterte

Philippines: Broad coalition called movement against tyranny unites to fight against president's autocratic rule, rights violations.