Best time to build Christian-Muslim relations: expert

India: Pope francis practices what he preaches and encourages the church to be open to the poor, without discriminating them on..


Philippine churches offer sanctuary to rights abuse victims

Philippines: Religious leaders respond to duterte's call to extend martial law in southern region.


India among 5 countries that faced most terror attacks in 2016: US

United States: The islamic state was responsible for more attacks and deaths than any other perpetrator group in 2016.


Confiscating pedophiles' passports a welcome development

Philippines: Australian proposal to ban overseas travel to sex offenders is an idea all governments should adopt.


Keralite priest, accused of sexually abusing boys, arrested

India: The priest has been charged under protection of children from sexual offences act (pocso).


Religious leaders seek to end hate, violence

India: They seek help from the federal government to act and end the 'atmosphere of fear that stalks the land today'.


Pastor murdered in Ludhiana, Family refuses to hold funeral

India: The pastor was shot dead by two assailants at a church at peerubanda mohalla around 8.45 pm on july 15.