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    Christians join protest against draft education policy

    Christians in india have joined political parties, activists..

Federal minister upsets Christians, Muslims

India: Junior minister of home affairs accused of making 'irresponsible' statement about religious minorities converting..


Pakistani Christians campaign for an accurate census

Pakistan: Bishops have urged pastoral workers to play a role in getting christians to register for the poll.


Mangalore St. Agnes gets “Excellence” status

India: St,. agnes becomes college under mangalore university to get the prestigious tag.


Religious leaders stress unity in conflict-scarred Maluku

Indonesia: Indonesia's regional elections offers chance to further repair damage caused in province by deadly sectarian violence.


New report exposes India's mistreatment of minorities

India: The report of the us commission on religious freedom elaborates on how laws discriminate against christians and muslims.


Hindu groups allowed to fund hate campaigns: USCIRF

India: The fcra is being used by the indian government to discriminate.


Church facebook helps identify Bishop House immolator

India: Family members told police that dean was under severe financial stress due to a debt of several lakhs.