Indian Catholic News

Myanmar's civil war and the Rohingya tragedy

Thailand: With countless thousands killed in the past 70 years, the world has become inured to the tragedies in myanmar.


Bishop welcomes international support for Marawi

Philippines: Leaders at asean summit in manila pledge to help in rebuilding conflict-torn southern philippine city.


Violent extremism entices Philippines' young Muslims

Philippines: Although the marawi seige has ended vigilance must be maintained as the threats remain all too real.


Indian priest sent back after theft accusation in US parish

United States: He was accused of stealing checks that were supposed to go to the church’s outreach program.


Russian Orthodox bishop visits apostolic nuncio in Tokyo

Japan: Respective prelates discuss history of their churches in japan.


No justice for indigenous Santals one year after violence

Bangladesh: Victims still haven't been compensated for forced evacuations and are waiting to be relocated to new homes.


Police arrest 53 for attacks on Bangladeshi Hindus

Bangladesh: The silence and inaction of the authorities encourages attackers and frustrates minorities, says bishop sebastian tudu.