'My Family's Slave:' The unpleasant truth

Story of filipina domestic worker sold into servitude underscores the attitudes of wealthy towards humanity's poor.


Vietnam considers end of two-child policy

Jun 26, 2017

Vietnam: Government concerned about..

Deadly oil tanker explosion mars Eid festival in Pakistan

Jun 26, 2017

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Archbishop’s ecumenical prayer for peace in Northeast India

Jun 26, 2017

India: Archbishop menamparampil said..

As India ages, over 61% of elderly will have no income security by 2050

Jun 14, 2017

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Encounter refugees! Embrace them!

Pope francis has consistently voiced his concern for the refugees and the displaced.


The 'fatherhood of a priest'

Instead of forming a family, a priest forms and leads a christian community.


Reforming the church: Inside the mind of the pope

Why support for pope francis is growing... but so too is opposition.


Too many hungry children languish behind bars

Mentally and emotionally damaging experience turns innocent youngsters into criminals.


Remembering 'Uncle Jerry' for whom anything was possible

Father jerry martinson who passed away may 31 made catholic missionary endeavors come alive in china.


Mary's 'Magnificat' as timely as ever in Philippines

Filipino people need some kind of fatima miracle to ease the climate of fear as rights violations increase.


Would people love me more if I had lighter skin?

India 'isn't racist,' instead some say it is just 'color-conscious'.