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Letter from Rome

Pope francis is expected to further articulate his message on the need to put an end to war and the proliferation of..


Christians safe in Muslim-majority Kashmir: Bishop

Oct 23, 2017

India: Peace can only return to..

Bangladesh remembers prominent Italian missionary priest

Oct 23, 2017

Bangladesh: During the 1971 war father..

More villages flooded in Manipur

Oct 23, 2017

India: The main streets in the city areas at sagolband..

Philippines' Duterte has no concept of accountability

Contradictions between his campaign pledges and presidential actions heighten.


Endo's error, and our's

Do we have a true idea of god, or just a distortion?


Mr Prime Minister, speak out for religious minorities

Hard-line vigilantes in pakistan have allegedly murdered more than 60 people accused of blasphemy since 1990.


Chinese Catholics look to beloved cardinal to be beatified

Cardinal celso costantini called on church members to absorb chinese culture into catholicism.


The case of imprisoned Father Fei Jisheng

There was no open trial and information relating to the case is classified as a state secret.


Letter from Rome

Pope francis says we can no longer defend teachings that now clearly contradict the gospel.


India's Hindu party struggles to win over Christians

The bharatiya janata party has decided to go soft on the beef ban in the northeast where christian votes are key to..