Shepherd who carried the pangs of his folks

Remembering archbishop raphael cheetah on his first death anniversary


Diocese helps Kashmiri women stand up for their rights

Aug 14, 2017

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Cardinals outraged as Hong Kong jails young politicians

Aug 21, 2017

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Cross destroyed in Kerala, Church delegation meets CM

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Pedophile travel ban saves children from abuse

When the safety of a child is concerned, prevention is better than a cure.


The search for happiness

Philippines is ranked 73rd on the international happiness index, despite many people living in fear and poverty.


Confiscating pedophiles' passports a welcome development

Australian proposal to ban overseas travel to sex offenders is an idea all governments should adopt.


Success against child abusers online

Abusers should all be worried that the police are gathering evidence against them.


When we are fully human

Very often children are more 'human' than adults.


'My Family's Slave:' The unpleasant truth

Story of filipina domestic worker sold into servitude underscores the attitudes of wealthy towards humanity's poor.


Encounter refugees! Embrace them!

Pope francis has consistently voiced his concern for the refugees and the displaced.