Live-in rule a burden for Hong Kong's foreign domestic helpers

In the worst cases, domestic staff had to sleep in the kitchen, attic or toilet.


How to impress a terror network and gain recognition

May 28, 2017

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Egypt: 26 killed in attack on Coptic Christians bus

May 28, 2017

Egypt: The passengers were travelling..

Kerala CM to take up issue of kidnapped priest with prime minister Modi

May 28, 2017

India: The salesian priest of kerala..

President speaks out against intolerance, of 'one-way communication of powerful' to push the narrati

May 25, 2017

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Refugee hopefuls in Japan have slim chance of staying

Last year japan accepted 28 asylum seekers while 10,000 made applications.


West Java fast becoming a hotbed of intolerance

Freedom of worship restrictions for christians in indonesian province do not look like being relaxed anytime soon.


India's day care center workers seek fair pay

Female workers say the government treats them more like volunteers than employees.


Institute offers affordable cures for leprosy patients

However, skeptical doctors say more tests on indonesian herbal remedy needed to ascertain its benefits.


Pakistani villagers reap benefits of tunnel farming

Thanks to caritas, farmers are now able to grow and sell vegetables during the off-season.


Rohingya refugees brace for monsoon season

Cyclones predicated as more than half a million people languish in camps in bangladesh and myanmar.


India's tribes prevented from accessing benefits

Social neglect haunts the santals in jharkhand state.