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Mix of joy and concern in Myanmar over pope's imminent visit

While hard-line buddhist group opposes visit by pope francis, others prepare a warm welcome.


Nation building in Myanmar, Bangladesh

Nov 20, 2017

India: Pope francis during his visit..

Tamil bishop rebuilds lives of war victims

Nov 20, 2017

Sri Lanka: There are at least 89,000 war..

Bareilly hosts Hindi Bible Quiz and Writing competition

Nov 21, 2017

India: The program is modelled after..

Shia Waqf Board nod for Ram temple, wants mosque in Lucknow

Nov 20, 2017

India: The ayodhya dispute is centred on a plot of land..

Threats and old age fail to slow Italian missionary

Father peter geremia has spent 40 years in the southern philippines bringing muslims and catholics together.


Mum seeks poetic justice for son slain in drug war

Normita lopez takes to writing verse in her fight to bring the filipino policemen who killed her son to account.


Myanmar reaps the benefit of abandoned Rohingya land

Forced to flee for their lives, refugee farmers are furious that the authorities are harvesting their crops.


Indonesian factory tragedy lays bare child labor flaws

Child deaths in blaze at tangerang fireworks factory expose govt failure to enforce labor, safety rules.


Human rights off the table as Trump visits China

Despite past rhetoric about china, us president fell into line with communist party rules during his trip.


Little sympathy for Rohingya in main-street Myanmar

Anti-muslim buddhist monks have helped fuel rampant racism and are now reaping dividends.


Life in the time of Cholera

Dysentery, pneumonia and other diseases are growing threats, as sanitation facilities collapse at rohingya refugee..