Lenten sacrifices made by India's impoverished tribal people

Tribal people in jharkhand state reflect of christ's passion through fasting, austerity and charity work.


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After wrongful conviction, Kashmiris find freedom bittersweet

Muslim men were imprisoned for 12 years for crimes they did not commit.


Sri Lanka's unique Lenten chant at risk of disappearing

'pasan' is a song of sorrow chanted at night during the 40 days of lent.


Nursing mothers in Hong Kong shamed in public

There is little provision for breastfeeding in the city or even in churches.


Salesian center in Mandalay offers helping hand to street kids

Don bosco friend of youth center provides shelter, food, healthcare plus a formal or non-formal education.


Heroic nun beats bullies to save children in India

Sister clara animuttil began caring for runaways in 1998 in itarsi, a major railway junction, and set up a center for..


African nun shares 'goodness of life' with Filipino poor

Sister isabel's experiences in mozambique civil war inspire her to help manila's needy.


Samina Nawab: Pakistan's Christian hero

Humanitarian efforts include rebuilding a prison chapel and providing basic healthcare to the poor.