Nun offers lifeline to refugees who fled Timor Leste

Former refugees of timor leste share in the life-giving love of indonesian nun.


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Brave nun fights for women's rights in Pakistan

Female activists such as sister genevieve are in short supply in the muslim-majority south asian nation.


How Caritas Nepal transforms lives of smallholder farmers

Church ngo has achieved 'continued success' through more than 120 community-based cooperatives since 2004.


Myanmar's hard-line Buddhists rebrand but nothing changes

Their mission, logo and plans remain the same, says monk from anti-muslim and ultra-nationalist group.


Violent unrest threatens Kashmir's tourist industry

The state's economy has taken a big hit, locals dependent on tourism hope for peace.


Despite discrimination, girls in India are excelling

The falsehood that girls can't do anything has been shattered, says church education official.


Vietnam considers end of two-child policy

Government concerned about aging population and looking to remain economically competitive on the international stage.


Indonesian Catholics help poorest Muslims celebrate Eid

The sant'egidio community has welcomed hundreds of muslims each year since its first breakfast event in 1996.