Preparing Papuan children for the future

Church-run orphanage changes lives of orphans and others in papua, indonesia.


Who allows cyber child porn in the Philippines?

Apr 19, 2017

Philippines: Failure to implement laws is..

Closed hearts 'unable to be surprised by the Resurrection'

Apr 21, 2017

Vatican City: Resurrection is the heart of..

Cross bulldozed in communist-led Kerala

Apr 21, 2017

India: Catholics say they are..

Tripura, Mizoram liquor shops relocate to follow SC order

Apr 21, 2017

India: In mizoram, at least 12 liquor shops were closed..

With status of Myitsone Dam uncertain, villagers remain in limbo

Myanmar and china officials negotiate future of us$3.6 billion hydro project.


Impoverished Bangladeshi women offer up their suffering

Faith in god has given meaning to a life of intolerable hardship.


Philippine isle turns 'Roman' during Holy Week

Re-enactment of christ's crucifixion is a matter of faith and tradition on marinduque island.


Pilgrimage to where St. Thomas preached in India

During holy week visitors flock to the st. thomas shrine, the source of kerala's distinct christianity.


Insecurity haunts African students in India after attacks

Most africans come to india to study but they are wrongly associated with drugs and face retributive attacks.


Palm Sunday ushers in business for Philippine Holy Week

Palm leaves offers once a year opportunity to provide that little bit extra for low-income families.


Church-run center transforms lives in Sri Lanka

For nearly 30 years the center has brought faith and charity to colombo's poorest areas.