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Mumbai gets two more auxiliary bishops

Father Allwyn D’Silva and Father Barthol Barretto were named as auxiliaries on December 20.

Father Allwyn D’Silva (left) and Father Barthol Barretto

Pope Francis has appointed two more auxiliary bishops for the archdiocese of Bombay, providing four auxiliaries to assist Cardinal Oswald Gracias in leading the largest diocese in India.

Father Allwyn D’Silva and Father Barthol Barretto were named as auxiliaries on December 20 and their ordination will “most likely” be in January 2017, said archdiocesan spokesperson Father Nigel Barrett.

Bishop Dominic Savio Fernandes and Bishop John Rodrigues were appointed as auxiliaries three years ago.

The archdiocese, based in Mumbai city, is the largest in terms of the population as it has some 525,000 Catholics. The archdiocesan area also covers outer city, which has some 20 million ethnically diverse people, speaking almost all the languages of India.

Bishop-elect Allwyn D’Silva, 68, was ordained a priest in 1975 and currently serve as parish priest of St. John the Baptist Church in Thane.

Actively involved in environmental concerns, he is also Secretary of the Climate Change Desk of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) and is a visiting professor at the archdiocesan seminary for subjects related to pastoral ministry.

Two weeks back he was appointed by the FABC as secretary of the office of Human development.

The 55-year old Bishop-elect Barthol Barretto was ordained priest 1989 and is currently serving as parish priest of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Borivli.

Father Barthol has served as secretary to Cardinal Ivan Dias, and later to Cardinal Oswald Gracias. Earlier, he was also director of Youth of the Archdioceses of Bombay.


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