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Tribal organisation rallies against amendment in Land Act, conversion law

The bjp-led jharkhand government has passed the religious independence bill 2017.


Christians safe in Muslim-majority Kashmir: Bishop

Oct 23, 2017

India: Peace can only return to..

Letter from Rome

Oct 23, 2017

Vatican City: Pope francis is expected to..

Bangladesh remembers prominent Italian missionary priest

Oct 23, 2017

Bangladesh: During the 1971 war father..

More villages flooded in Manipur

Oct 23, 2017

India: The main streets in the city areas at sagolband..

Fatwa forbids selfies, family pics on social media

Islamic seminary in northern india says doing so is un-islamic.


More villages flooded in Manipur

The main streets in the city areas at sagolband and uripok in imphal west district are also flooded.


UP to promote religious tourism: Adityanath

Adityanath said mandakini was a holy river and efforts would be made to ensure it was kept pollution free.


Niti Aayog members voicing views against cooperative federalism: Stalin

Stalin said if niti aayog is to be used to centralise power and take away the power of the states then there is no..


Belgian Jesuit translator of the Bengali Bible dies

Father christian mignon tried to use a language that jesus would have used, were he a modern-day bengali.


No Hindu-Muslim enmity in Ayodhya: chief priest

Satyendra das slammed the vhp for spreading hatred by using foul language against muslims when it started its agitation..


Myanmar must take back Rohingyas in Bangladesh: India

The rohingyas do not have citizenship in myanmar and are sparingly given refugee status in bangladesh.