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Chinese Communist Party expected to tighten grip on religion

China: Clergy not optimistic about development of religious affairs following october congress.


China, Myanmar, Vietnam fare poorly in US religion report

India: State department takes swipe at jailing, harrassment of believers in annual assessment.


In bold words, Vietnam's bishops criticize new religion law

Vietnam: They call on the communist government to have an accurate view of religions.


More people losing their religion in Kashmir

India: Observers believe terror atrocities by groups like the so-called islamic state are responsible for people shunning..


Catholics skeptical about ban on religion in elections

India: Confusion exists as judges 'fail to clarify earlier ruling that hinduism is not a religion but only a way of life'.


Islam should be 'dropped' as Bangladesh's national religion

Bangladesh: Senior lawmaker says islam was reinforced in the constitution for 'strategic reasons'.


Beijing tightens control of religion in Xinjiang

China: Parents or guardians should not 'organize, lure or force minors into attending religious activities'.